We at H2R know research. We email each other with exclamation points when a great article comes out. We gather with our lunches to catch the newest webinar. Our passion for research means our clients don’t need to worry whether we’re using a monadic or discrete choice testing. (Unless you want to know, and then you might even get invited to a webinar party.)

Read on to see some questions our main types of research can answer without all of the jargon...


Contextual Marketing Measurements

  • Did our ad create more revenue than it cost?
  • Did our direct mail make people more likely to become our customer?
  • How many customers only check us out once?
  • How can we turn them into repeat customers?

Brand Health & Perceptual Studies

  • What do people think of our company?
  • Is our logo recognizable?
  • How can I communicate more accurately the identity of our company?

Concept Evaluation Research

  • If we started offering (fill-in-the-blank), would we increase our customer base?
  • Could we increase our price without decreasing our customers?
  • What part of our customer experience should we focus on?

Voice of the Customer

  • Why am I losing or gaining customers in a certain age bracket?
  • Is there any part of my customer experience that makes them want to cuss?