How we reveal your client’s voice:



Quantitative analysis

We take your customer’s behavior and make it mathematical. Then we run it through fancy math models and suddenly it’s measurable and predictable. (To any parents, we should clarify that 3-year-old and 13-year-old behavior is not predictable no matter how many math models you run it through.)


Because a FB/twitter poll of your intern’s aunt, mom’s second cousin, and the childhood friend he ran naked through the sprinkler with isn’t the best source for reliable data.


May sound old-school, but many times the experienced interviewers in H2R’s call center can probe to provide deeper insights than other studies. They usually get a high response rate and include a segment of consumers who don’t use online surveys. Besides, we love to remind our younger population that phones are capable of more than texting and watching videos of a cat attempting to get its head out of a box.

Questionnaire development

Here’s an industry secret: not all questions are created equal. If you have a hungry writer forming questions for the bagel survey, your results are in trouble. There are complete graduate classes devoted to this topic, so yeah, it’s a big deal.


As a society we hear a lot of speeches about bringing people of different backgrounds together to promote understanding and growth. But we actually do bring all kinds of people together so you can understand your market and grow your company.’re welcome, society.


Respondents are emailed a survey link. Quick, easy, clean.


Here’s a two-step option that’s better than any western line dance. Customers create a video diary followed by an online interview. It’s a great probe into customers’ behavior.


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