Trend Letter Stories

Why Hershey is shifting to masterbrand approach

Gone are the days of separate advertisements for Hershey bars, syrup, and kisses. The chocolate empire united all of its tasty treats under one tagline earlier this month: “Hello Happy. Hello Hershey’s.” Senior director of the Hershey brand franchise, Melinda Lewis, said, “What we’ve heard from consumers is that they see one brand Hershey,” and the new marketing strategy reflects it. Hershey hopes to build relevance and spark memories with their new ads, rather than generate new awareness. Hershey’s masterbrand step follows a similar move from Coke last month, and both marketing shifts offer the benefits of efficiency and lowered costs. (AdvertisingAge, 02/05/2016)


What does the perfect theme park queue look like?

For most, the answer is “short!” or “empty!” However, from an operational standpoint, there is a sweet spot for wait lines at each attraction. Since each ride or show would ideally be loaded at fully capacity as soon as the previous one finished, the “perfect” theme park queue has its full capacity of participants waiting in line (or if you’re a customer wanting to catch the next round, just under full capacity). Many parks further decrease patrons’ wait times by establishing a pre-show or loading area, where those next in line to fill the attraction’s seats are ready and waiting to filter in, allowing the show to start as soon as possible. (Theme Park Insider, 02/10/2016)


Dubai International secures spot as world's busiest airport

Serving a whopping 78,014,838 passengers in 2015, Dubai International Airport has become the world’s busiest airport for international passengers. That’s nearly ten million more passengers than the runner-up (London’s Heathrow, with 69.8 million passengers). Dubai can thank its 10% jump in numbers to increased travel to and from India, as well as new international routes added to Canada, Germany, and China. (Travel Pulse, 02/02/2016)