Virtual Reality Has A Long Way To Go

Google's Bet on Virtual Reality Has a Long Way To Go

If you want to believe the tech pundits, industry gurus, and prognosticators, we’re at the beginning of a new era of computing thanks to virtual reality. The problem with VR though is that it’s pricey and inaccessible for most. The best headsets cost $600 or more and require a powerful PC to operate, which could set you back at least another $500. But Google pioneered a radically new way to experience VR with the introduction of Cardboard, a simple headset that you can slot your phone into and experience a sort of diet version of VR. Now the company is taking the cardboard concept a step further with a new phone-powered headset called the Daydream View. Daydream only works with Google’s new Pixel phones, but the company says more phones from other manufacturers will eventually be compatible too. The headset costs $79, and many will get it for free if they pre-ordered a Pixel from Google last month. (Source: Business Insider)