Lyft Ditches Mustache

Lyft Ditches Mustache, Launches Biggest Campaign to Date.

In early 2015, Lyft ditched its pink fuzzy mustache on car grilles in favor of a sleeker version on the dashboard. Now the ride-sharing service is shaving its 'stache entirely as it prepares to launch its next major ad campaign. Lyft is replacing the so-called glowstache dashboard ornament with a new device called Amp, which it is billing as "the rideshare industry's first in-car connected device." The oblong-shaped device will rest on the dashboard, just like the glowstache. But it has been programmed to dynamically change colors enabling riders to better identify their approaching Lyft car. So, for instance, a person who orders a ride might see the color orange appear on their Lyft smartphone app, which will match the color displayed on the in-car device. The colors are randomly assigned but riders might be able to pick their favorite color in the future. (Source: Ad Age)