Lack of Sleep Costly

Lack of sleep is costing the U.S. billions. 

Americans aren’t getting enough sleep, and the result isn’t just a rough day at work, but billions of dollars down the drain each year, a new report found. A lack of sleep among U.S. workers costs the U.S. economy up to $411 billion dollars a year, according to researchers at the not-for-profit research organization RAND Europe. According to the report, lack of sleep results in higher mortality risk and lower work productivity, causing U.S. companies to lose 1.2 million working days a year. Researchers quantified the economic impact of lack of sleep by using data on sleep duration alongside employer-employee data in five countries: the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and Japan. Out of the five countries, the United States fared the worst, closely followed by Japan, which loses up to $138 billion a year and around 600,000 working days. While health experts recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, many in the U.S. aren't meeting that recommendation. (Source: USA Today).