Health Care for a New Generation

Here's how Millennials could change health care

For the generation who grew up googling, GPS-ing, and getting takeout delivered to their doors, health care in the U.S. seems like a highly inefficient system. The growing presence of Millennials in the U.S. health care industry may soon force it to adapt to their own needs: specifically, faster and more accessible customer service. Millennials see their doctors far less frequently than do Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, partly because they are generally healthy and partly because they don’t value a personal relationship with their doctor. PNC Healthcare found that 34% of Millennials prefer retail clinics when they do need health care, and urgent care facilities are popular with the generation as well. Even the slow-moving health care industry is taking notice of these changes, as many are looking into apps and virtual technology to cater to a generation more accustomed to instant gratification. (USA Today, 05.2016)