Who's Driving?

How driverless cars will take over roads, hearts and minds

Would you get into a driverless car? According to a recent survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA), 80% of drivers don’t trust them. But Chris Kopp, transportation group director at HNTB, says the safety benefits of automatic cars make that future an inevitable one. Driverless cars are expected to eliminate 90% of traffic accidents that can be attributed to human error, as well as lessen cars’ environmental impact and decrease headaches like parking, traffic congestion and insurance costs. While older generations associate their cars with freedom, younger and future generations are expected to lessen that hold on ownership and open up to the idea of sharing cars too. Soccer moms may not need a big van anymore, but instead they will be able to “order” vehicles to suit their needs that day, with or without a human driver. (Forbes, 06.12.2016)