Mobile for Travel

15 mind-blowing stats about how mobile is reshaping travel

Smartphones go everywhere with us, even (and maybe especially) when we’re traveling. For the first time in December 2015, consumers began using mobile devices for travel browsing more than they used desktops or laptops. Fast forward to May 2016 and 52% of travel browsing occurs on mobile devices. Travel destinations, attractions and brands of all sorts have a huge opportunity to capitalize on mobile services for their customers, and the most successful ones don’t just simplify their digital desktop strategy – they focus only on the mobile experience in every aspect of design. Conversion is the one key area where desktops still rule, garnering three times the conversion rates of smartphones. But Matt Asay, VP of mobile at Adobe, predicts that once the mobile user experience is easier and transactions are clearer, users will be making travel purchases on mobile too. (, 08.03.2016)