The Key to a Happy Retirement

Why retirement is a flawed concept

Before we start worrying about our retirement savings, maybe we should first decide if retirement is the best choice for us at all. Or so says Neil Pasricha, Director of The Institute for Global Happiness. The increase in human life span from 1889 (the year “retirement” was introduced in Germany) to now has given us many more years of doing nothing, but that doesn’t seem to make us any happier. National Geographic studied the Okinawan culture in Japan, where men and women have the longest disability-free life expectancies in the world, and they found “ikigai.” Ikigai is simply “the reason you wake up in the morning,” and 95% of those with one were still living after the 7-year study. Spending those retirement days pursuing your ikigai may be much more rewarding than simply doing nothing. (Harvard Business Review, 04.13.2016)