1B Nights for Airbnb

Analyst predicts a billion nights a year in Airbnb's future

Airbnb’s popularity has skyrocketed and the company even has room to grow, according to analysts at Cowen Group Inc. In a recent study, Goldman Sachs found that consumers who use peer-to-peer lodging, such as Airbnb, are half as likely to go back to hotels (79% prefer hotels before a peer-to-peer stay, compared to only 40% after). People also like to talk about Airbnb, and 80% said they were likely or very likely to recommend it to their friends. Even among consumers who have not yet used Airbnb, 82% who were aware of it said they would be willing to try it out. Notwithstanding these positives, the company’s growth has slowed a bit in recent years and only about half of Airbnb’s guests come at the direct expense of hotels. (Skift, 04.11.2016)