Theme Parks Worth Visiting Despite Possible Recession

They say that history repeats itself. Well, Disney has seen a decrease in attendance this year, and according to Theme Park Insider, Disney hasn’t had an attendance drop that wasn’t connected to an economic downturn. With fear of a recession looming, American’s are looking for practical ways to save money—and one of the biggest ways they have been doing that is by traveling less and spending less money when they do travel, and unfortunately, theme parks and attractions typically get hit hard. But, even in a recession, people still deserve to let loose and have fun—and Theme Park Insider has named both Hersheypark and Silver Dollar City some of best parks to visit to receive a lot of “bang for your buck.”

With Hersheypark’s addition of Candymonium and Silver Dollar City’s new Mystic River Falls both set to open next summer, those parks can expect crowds despite the possibility of an economic decline. (Theme Park Insider, 09.11.19)

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