Attendance Down at Disneyland this Summer

Disneyland has seen a decrease in attendance this summer despite the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The theme park had anticipated record-setting crowds and even implemented crowd control efforts prior to the grand opening. This summer, Disneyland is experiencing some of the shortest wait times for rides that it has seen in years. While the significant decline in attendance has no single factor attached to it, factors such as increasing prices and fiercer competition are speculated to be playing a role. The park increased its admission prices by 10% and their annual pass prices by 22%. With these price increases along with the high prices for gas in California, other amusement parks within the state (Legoland, Universal Hollywood, etc.) are attracting visitors away from Disneyland.

Theme Park Insider’s Robert Niles concluded, “Ultimately, it seems to me, that most people like Galaxy's Edge but too few love it — at least not enough of them love it to create the critical mass of fans reaction that drives people to say, ‘to heck with the cost’ and plan a visit.” (Theme Park Insider, 07.12.19)

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