Beverage Trend Alert: New Drink of the Summer

While rosé may have been the go-to summer drink in previous years, hard seltzer is taking the country by storm. With its convenient packaging, a light refreshing taste, a low alcohol content and usually fewer than 100 calories, the drink is hard to beat in the eyes of many consumers. The drink also has a certain amount of “premiumization,” giving consumers the feel of affordable luxury.

Plus, it helps that sparkling water is a major beverage trend now—in line with the new health and wellness demands of its customers. Hard seltzer comes in a variety of fresh flavors—from ruby grapefruit and natural lime to pomegranate and blueberry acai. The category has seen explosive growth over the last year. The group as a whole had nearly $488 million in sales in 2018 and clocked in 193% year-over-year sales growth in April of this year, according to Nielsen data.  (Fortune, 05.31.19)

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