How Gen Alpha Influences Travel Decisions

The focus of media takes and analysis has been on Millennials and those of Generation Z for so long. However, Generation Alpha—those born after 2010—are now entering the scene and playing a large part in travel decisions. Here’s what you should know:

·       Fun comes first. Keeping the family entertained and happy is the highest priority, with 74% seeking out amusement parks, 67% seeking out water activities and 55% seeking out outdoor activities that will entertain.

·       Convenience trumps price. Although most families agree that budgets are important, research shows that location and transportation is chosen more on convenience than price.

·       Children play a role in planning. Eight in ten families say they talk about travel plans with their Generation Alphas, with 64% claiming that those children influence the decision.

·       Family travel decisions are shaped by multiple channels. To appeal to both children and adults, ads should contain appealing imagery, deals and informative content. (Skift, 06.21.19)

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