Minorities Less Satisfied with U.S. Attractions

Skift’s Sarah Enelow-Snyder recently covered key findings from PGAV Destinations’ and H2R Market Research’s annual Voice of the Visitor report.

The study found that minority attraction visitors in the U.S. were less satisfied with their last attraction experience compared to their white counter parts (76% vs. 89%), and they were also far less likely to recommend the attraction to friends and family (39% vs. 50%). This disparity is important, as attractions should be serving the needs of all visitors. Likewise, the U.S. is projected to become majority-minority by 2045.

The findings suggest that 2019 may be the year that more attractions and travel companies conduct brand audits with people of color in mind. “Part of this exercise involves reevaluating a brand’s offerings and marketing for retail, food and beverage, and so on, but also diversifying the company’s volunteers, frontline staff, and leadership to better reflect the diversity of people who travel,” said Enelow-Snyder. (Skift, 06.12.19)

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