Myths About Marketing to Gen Z

Generation Z can seem like a moving target for marketers, but a member of Gen Z has gone to debunk the myths of his generation in attempt to help brands reach this generation better. Check out which myths you’re probably believing below:  

1.       Everything must look perfect. Gen Z values authenticity. They are more likely to be attracted to ads and brands that use real people and portray authenticity.

2.       Wokeness always wins. Gen Z is very attuned to social injustices and lean towards companies that share those values. However, this must be done tactfully.

3.       Gen Z isn’t brand loyal. While this generation cares less about brands than other generations, they are extremely brand loyal to brands that can earn their trust (think Apple).

4.       Gen Z loves showing off expensive brands. While they don’t shy away from showing off their expensive clothes, Gen Z cares more about showcasing their individuality. Promoting their personal brand is more important than giving free advertising to the expensive brands they wear.

5.       Gen Z doesn’t shop in-store. Even though this is the most tech-savvy generation, this is also a generation that values experiences. Stores that give them an enjoyable experience will be stores that earn their business time and time again. (AdAge, 06.07.19)

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