5 Stat Roundup

Staying up to date on what’s happening across the globe is crucial in the always changing world of marketing. Here is a roundup of five interesting stats from the week…

1.       The number of companies who are sponsoring sports teams is predicted to grow by 4% this year alone. Not only is sponsoring a sports team a great way to support the community, but it often results in some additional business for your company.

2.       The UK is experiencing stagnation in their commerce growth as consumer confidence declines and shoppers resist spending as much money as they have been known to in the past.

3.       Instagram influencers’ transparency has not negatively affected engagement, proving that consumers are willing to listen to those they trust and are not put off by the influencer craze that has taken over social media.

4.       Companies are investing more and more into their personalization strategy. Data/analytics and technology platforms are seeing the largest increase in investments.

5.       Paper receipts are costly for companies and for the environment, but half of retailers have yet to make the change to sustainable alternatives.

(Marketing Week, 05.07.19)