Younger Generation More Heavily Influenced by Social Media

A recent study by UK experience and design agency 383 found that those aged 18-35 are twice as likely to look to social media and social media influencers for advice than they are to seek advice from friends and family. This is especially true about travel and vacation decisions. Of these people who trust social media, Instagram is the influencer of choice—with 71% of travelers using it as their top information source.

Interestingly, 58% of those aged 18-24 trust social media more than friends, while the same is true for 53% of Millennials. This attribute leaves this generation more susceptible to travel scams, as their lack of street wisdom and further research leaves them vulnerable to social media content alone.

The survey statistics also show that older generations trust social media progressively less, with 49% of 35-44 year olds trusting social first, and only 29% of 44-55 year olds and 13% among those 55 and up. (Travel Daily News, 04.08.19)