Why Creativity without Customer Insight Fails

When offering a product or service to customers, a company should know their target customers’ wants and needs. Who they are targeting should be who they know best, and they should never question what their customer wants without looking for ways to answer that question. When a company is off base about what their customers want or need, they have a lack of insight and intuitive understanding. These insights can change often, so it is important to stay curious about your customer and to continue digging. If you have a question about an action that will affect the customer, ask it. Challenge those who claim they know their customer—as customer needs and wants are constantly changing.

The most important question to ask when creating a product or service and when appealing to the customer is “why.” If your customers do not feel like they were in mind or understood when the product or service was created, they will not care to try or buy it. The customer should always be the base of your creativity. (AdAge, 03.30.19)