PGAV Publishes Report on International Visitors to US

PGAV Destinations, in partnership with H2R Market Research, has published Welcome! 2019 Profile of International Visitors to America. In the first ever report of its kind, Welcome! reveals how travelers from Canada, Mexico, China and the United Kingdom perceive the US and uncovers their US travel habits and preferences.

“These visitors represent an immense contribution to our economy and share of the tourism industry – and in turn represent America when they return home through their stories and photographs,” said Mike Konzen, PGAV Principal and Chair. “It’s imperative we strive to better understand – and welcome – these guests.”

Key areas of exploration in the report include:

  • How travelers from five key countries plan their trips to America

  • Where they want to visit 

  • What motivates them to visit

  • Why many have considered a visit to the States – but are holding off until later

To read this groundbreaking report, click here. The condensed, six-article version of the full report can be found here