Top Travel Trends for March

There are numerous travel practices and trends being utilized today, but when analyzing March trends, three key themes emerge:

1.       Desire for luxury. Travelers desire to be pampered and be comfortable when away from home. From the seats in their form of transportation to their place of stay and the amenities, travelers want the best. Examples include luxury buses, plush first-class plane experiences, expensive in-suite amenities and contemporary high-end hotels.

2.       Appeal of personalization. Travelers also want to be different than other travelers, being able to personalize anything from their luggage to their experiences. Luggage color, design and shape are only a few ways that companies allow the traveler to have personalization, while travel agents that can offer the traveler way to personalize their trip aspects are more competitive than those who can’t.

3.       The pull of unique offerings. Travelers also tend to gravitate toward experiences and attractions that are unique from what they can get at home or other places. Unique food, festivals, tours and attractions are a few ways to attract the average traveler. These themes can be implemented in a limitless number of ways, leaving much room for creativity.

To view more of the month’s top travel trends, check out the article here. (Trend Hunter, 03.02.19)