FedEx SameDay Bot Launch Met with Skepticism

FedEx launched its first SameDay Bot commercial during the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and has already caught the eye of Pizza Hut, who plans to use the bot to deliver pizzas in Memphis on a trial basis this summer. The commercial shows a robot zooming through town, stopping at stop signs, navigating puddles and potholes and making its way to a house to deliver medicine to a sick child. Although the bot’s purpose is enticing, there are already several criticisms to the SameDay Bot:

·       The bot looks very top heavy. This would make it easy for something or someone to tip over the bot and interrupt its delivery.

·       How will you order a SameDay Bot? It has not been announced how deliveries or orders will be managed. Will they be given delivery requests through the company contracting them or will you be able to flag down a bot you happen to see passing by?

·       Most robots can open doors, so will these bots invade privacy by eventually being able to open the door upon delivering your goods?

Even though FedEx has included a disclaimer in their commercial stating that the bot is still in a testing phase, it is clear that they have a couple kinks to perfect before expecting a full launch. (AdAge, 02.28.19)