5G is Here and Bringing New Services

Verizon introduced 5G wireless to a suburb in Sacramento, California, getting everyone excited about what this means for the future. 5G wireless brings not only faster speeds, but also encourages innovation in areas such as transportation, manufacturing and medicine. Mayor Darrell Steinberg encourages small business entrepreneurs struggling in the Silicon Valley—Bay area to move to Sacramento instead of considering Seattle, as the 5G wireless offerings can greatly benefit and advance businesses.

Those using 5G have already enjoyed quicker download times, no lag in live streaming and no cell phone towers. 5G wireless does not need large cell phones towers, but small boxes that can be attached to telephone poles. This allows for easier and cheaper reception installation, giving 5G users better and more reliable service in more places. Although Verizon is the only utilizer of 5G wireless as of now, AT&T has started their rollout process and Sprint and T-Mobile won’t be far behind. (NPR, 03.05.19)