Voice of the Visitor: Outlook on the Attractions Industry 2019

PGAV Destinations in partnership with H2R Market Research has published the 2019 Voice of the Visitor report. Now in its fourth year, Voice of the Visitor is the only research study that analyzes attraction guests’ 2018 travel trends and forecasts their 2019 intentions. This study is the most comprehensive U.S. report on guests’ collective opinions, attitudes and expectations—directly generated from guest feedback.

This year’s results reveal that Americans are traveling less frequently and are returning to attractions less and less—often in search of something new and welcoming. And when Americans do travel, trends suggest that they are seeking more peaceful time with friends and family to relax, an ideal quality of numerous attractions across the country, such as National Parks, Museums and Botanical Gardens. With even more options for entertainment than ever before, consumers’ tolerance for bad service and low-fidelity experiences continues to decline. 

A digital edition of Voice of the Visitor is now available for free through PGAV Destinations here.

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