Disney Cuts Marketing Costs for New Expansion

With both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios opening their largest single theme expansion in history with their 14 acre Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge additions, the park is considering keeping their marketing budget tight when it comes to promoting this new attraction. In fact, CEO Bob Iger said they may just tweet “It’s opening,” as they believe that is all it will take for customers to flock to the new addition.

Disney has very clearly had success in the market for years upon years, and as seen in recent news, they have been considering raising the price of admission for quite some time. This consideration comes from continually rising attendance numbers, and the need to maintain the guest experience. Disney knows they are going to continue to bring in the big bucks, so now it has come to managing attendance numbers and ensuring the customers are getting the best possible experience. Their lack of marketing dollars spent towards the new Star Wars addition is a direct reflection of this new strategy. (Skift, 02.06.19)