Coca-Cola Breaks Away from Old Brand Rules

With the government beginning to more heavily regulate sugar content in the food and beverage industry and more consumers valuing healthier options, Coca-Cola has decided to incorporate a “beverages for life” motto—acquiring a wide variety of beverage types. Although the original soft drink will still be deemed their biggest jewel, the company realized that with the decline of the soft drink market, they need to offer healthier beverage options such as tea and coffee. Corporate officers Rodolfo Echeverria and Javier Meza are pushing the company on its biggest pursuit of growth yet, with plans to revolutionize marketing models, create more brand flexibility and take advantage of a larger consumer market. While the company will undoubtedly receive criticism for breaking old habits, numerous companies in the past have failed because of their aversion to change. Coca-Cola is taking steps to ensure this will not be their story. (Marketing Week, 01.17.19)