Baby Boomer Travel Trends

According to a study conducted by AARP, Baby Boomer travel is expected to increase even higher than in 2018. Baby Boomers are expected to take four to five leisure trips in 2019 alone, spending around $6,600 doing so. For those travelling domestically, popular destination are slated to include Florida, California, New York, Texas and Las Vegas, while popular international destinations include Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East. Baby Boomers are also advancing their booking and planning dates, as 88% of those travelling domestically in 2019 had their trip planned by September of 2018, and 31% of those who were planning to travel internationally had planned their trip by that same time. These are respective increases of 12% and 9%. Senior travel expert Jonathon Breeze says, “For the Baby Boomer generation, it’s time to spend…saving money is no longer a concern. Boomers want to make the most of their golden years and travel the world.” (TravelDailyNews, 01.09.19)