5 Technology Trends Influencing Marketing Strategies

Although marketing strategies hardly vary from year to year, the technology and means to implement these strategies do. With recent technological advances, there are five trends that are influencing marketing strategies—benefiting small and big businesses alike.

·       Incorporating more authentic content marketing saves money and attracts more consumers. Authenticity is an extremely valuable trait for any brand and can be incorporated in blog posts or social media posts.

·       Consumers are increasing their demand for chatbots. According to Capterra, 65% of millennials prefer or expect to have a chatbot feature when interacting with a brand. The numerous features of these chatbots bring a whole new level of customer service.

·       There is a more widespread use of voice search. According to Google, mobile services make up for over 50% of searches, with 20% of those mobile searches being voice searches.

·       Continuing to value of data analytics is crucial for success. With what seems to be an unending supply of data, it is crucial to better learn how to utilize data collected.

·       Marketers need to learn to befriend artificial intelligence. AI’s ability to quickly access data and turn that data into actionable information will save marketers a lot of time.

Check out the full article to see these trends in more detail and how they can help shape your marketing. (Business News Daily, 12.28.18)