Social Media Trends Impacting Digital Advertising

How consumers use social media is constantly changing, but keeping a close eye on these five social media trends can help advertisers keep up with their customers:

·       Organic Content. Content that provides meaningful interactions among its users encourages consumers to engage with the advertising they see on social media.

·       Increased Social Ad Spend. As ad spend continues to rise, the key to social media marketing lies in the call to action. Instagram’s “Shoppable Tags” allows consumers to shop straight from the app.

·       Facebook Still Strong. With over 2.2 billion users, Facebook advertisers favor active and organic marketing, including branding, video creation and remarketing.

·       Chatbot Use Increasing. Artificial intelligence is getting smarter, and chatbots provide a unique customer experience with additional features such as in-chat payment and natural language processing.

·       Millennials Desire Ephemeral Content. Younger consumers prefer image heavy, short-lived content to interact with brands. An ephemeral content strategy can provide stronger brand loyalty with the right combination of images and video. (Forbes, 9.14.18)