Attractions Step Up F&B Service

No more obligatory burgers, chicken tenders and fries. Tourist Attractions & Parks recently covered new food offerings from nationwide museums and waterparks. Conscientious options like gluten-free and vegetarian are on the rise, along with more unexpected dishes—ranging from chilled rice noodle salads, to shrimp tostadas to avocado toast. Some attractions have taken on the nationwide trend of featuring locally sourced fare, spotlighting vegetables from local farms. Others are introducing alcohol for the first time, by way of Dole Whip Daiquiris.

Of course, not all of the food items are exotic. Other trends include paninis and hot dogs with a creative topping bar. Attractions must consider the implications a complicated menu has on the guest experience. “Menus can oftentimes become too complex and slow down lines, but at the same time we want to make sure we have enough variety on our menus for everyone,” said Jason Sutterfield, F&B Manager at Hyland Hills Water World. (Tourist Attractions & Parks, 8.20.18)