Theme Parks Upgrade Wi-Fi

Having access to Wi-Fi in public places is no longer just wishful thinking, it has become a necessity in today’s digital world. Theme parks in particular have taken notice and are going the extra mile to provide high speed Wi-Fi for their customers. Consumers are thrilled because they now have easy access to social media – meaning they can post at will and are free to surf the web while waiting in lines. But they are also now more capable of using the individual parks app to track ride wait times and order food. Installing this Wi-Fi in parks that span across acres of land comes with a high price tag – costing millions to serve all theme park goers. But the return seen from this investment is proving to be well worth the money. Park operators are able to gain priceless marketing insights by having better access to their customers wants and needs and have the new ability to track their consumer’s online behavior. (Los Angeles Times, 7.20.2018)