Secrets of Customer Satisfaction

Making sure your customers are satisfied is the top priority of most business plans. There are a lot of factors that go into making customers happy and keeping them happy, and the reality is that one wrong move, and you could lose a customer for life. In order to make sure customers are truly satisfied, take a look at these four variables in your business:

1.       Your product – make it perfect.

2.       Product delivery – make it friendly.

3.       Timeliness – don’t make the customer wait.

4.       Problem resolution process – make it effective. 

Working towards perfection in these four areas will increase customer satisfaction—and may even turn them into customers for life. (Forbes, 6.10.18)

If you have questions about how satisfied your customers are, H2R’s ongoing Voice of the Customer Research could be your first step in the right direction. Or maybe you’ve lost customers but don’t know why. Our Non-Visitor Research can help. Contact us today for information on these studies and more.