Millennial Moms & Attractions

Voice of the Visitor 2018 found that nine in ten (92%) of Millennials will visit an attraction this year, and they’re far more likely to own a pass than their Boomer counterparts. Millennials dominate attractions visitation in the aggregate. For the most part, as go Millennials, so goes the industry.

Therefore, it is important to understand what drives this demographic—particularly Millennial moms. Through H2R’s extensive nationwide research, we’ve come up with five key points for attractions to keep in mind about this group:

  • Most Millennial moms visit attractions with children in tow.
  • Millennial moms have a reputation for being avid bargain hunters.
  • Moms must believe her children will have fun and be entertained or educated at your attraction, or you are out of her consideration set.
  • She will likely visit your website before she visits your physical attraction. Make sure your website offers the right information in a manner that is easy to find and loads quickly.
  • When visiting an attraction, Millennial moms are not as easy to please as Boomers. Make sure your experience delivers.