Advancing Your Approach - Part 2

Voice of the Visitor 2018 results found that attendance growth is not only slowing at U.S. attractions, but it could be in danger of stalling. In this series, H2R Market Research is sharing two more ways for attractions to advance their approach to combat slower growth that is projected for the coming year.

If you missed Part 1, click here to see our first three suggestions.

4) Ensure Your Website Delivers. Today, an attraction’s website is typically the single most important consumer touch point that exists along the path to purchase. But, the typical web surfer only gives your website a split second of consideration before they decide to dig deeper or defect to another website. Attractions must win at this critical juncture or they will lose out on business. Is your website experience delivering? H2R’s Website Usability Research can help answer that question and more.

5) Leverage Your Brand Promoters. Brand Promoters are those guests most likely to recommend your attraction through social media and other word of mouth platforms. Recommendations and references from friends and family have equity that paid advertisements do not. Arming these customers with key insights, articles and sneak peeks in a manner that can be forwarded, shared and/or blogged can help you organically reach new audiences (their followers) that you could not afford to reach through paid media.

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