Advancing Your Approach – Part 1

It’s time to get serious about your destination. Voice of the Visitor 2018 results found that attendance growth is not only slowing at U.S. attractions, but it could be in danger of stalling. While this does not necessarily mean slower growth in revenue, it does mean attractions have to get smarter, dig deeper and improve yield & efficiency.

After studying the Voice of the Visitor data and other trends we’ve seen, the H2R Market Research team put our heads together to come up with five ways to advance your approach. Here are the first three:

1) Increase Visitor Frequency. Give visitors lots of reasons to come back later in the year. A few ways to do this include upcoming events, new exhibits or programming, incentives, seasonal foods, etc. If you add something substantial, be sure to test the ideas to ensure it will drive future visitation.

2) Increase Length of Stay. Visitors who spend more time at attractions inherently tend to spend more money onsite. Thus, to increase per capita spending, it helps to increase guests’ length of stay. This can be accomplished by providing more “satisfiers,” like different performances, more variety in gift shops, more places to sit, outdoor misters, etc. 

3) Optimize Consumer Price Points. Develop different combinations of price and product packages that are targeted at key consumer segments which helps to ensure you optimize revenues by segment, product experience, season and possibly even day of the week. H2R offers numerous pricing studies that have helped attractions identify optimal price points to maximize revenue.

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