Our Top 10 Tips for Writing Great Surveys – Part 1

With the end of the fourth quarter nearing, many businesses are gearing up for the new year by reviewing plans and processes. If your company conducts guest surveys, now may be a great time to review your questionnaire and methodology. H2R has compiled our Top 10 Survey Tips to help you with this process.

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1. Define Your Objectives. Determine the decision or decisions you're trying to make and focus your survey on those things that are most important.

2. Work Backwards. Once the objectives are set, determine what data/information you need to gather in your survey to make your decision or provide actionable insights.

3. Write Questions that are Simple and to the Point. Ensure your questions are easy to understand by using simple language.

4. Begin the Survey with Questions that are Easy to Answer. Avoid opening the survey with an open-ended question because it makes respondents think too hard from the beginning, and they are far more likely to bail out. It’s also best to leave most personal or demographic questions to the end of the survey unless they are critical to the screener (questions that help define who qualifies and who does not).

5. Use Words with Clear Meanings. Avoid phrases that are subject to the reader’s interpretation. Words like numerous, many and several can mean different things to different people. It’s better to be more specific and use terms such as almost all, a majority of, almost none and/or a few.

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