Seven Deadly Theme Park Sins

“Even dedicated theme park fans sometime say ‘no’ to visiting,” is the point Theme Park Insider’s Robert Niles brings up, citing seven reasons someone may decide against a theme park. He lists the traits as filth, danger, bad service, lack of accommodation, ubiquity, unjustifiable prices and obscurity.

Cleanliness tops the list for many theme park visitors. If it’s not a pleasant place to be, then who wants to visit? Safety is another key player. A park must establish a basic confidence that it won’t put visitors into real danger. Poor service and lack of accommodation can also quickly ruin the guest experience.

Also when it comes to the experience, people want something unique. If nothing stands out from other places they can spend their time and money, why bother? Likewise, the experience must justify the price. Lastly, if you are unaware of a park, you won’t visit it, so a park’s marketing is crucial in getting visitors. (Theme Park Insider, 10.6.18)