Gen Z’s Favorite Social Media

Called “America’s first digitally native generation”, it’s no surprise Generation Z has a love for social media. Consisting of 16-24 year olds, most Gen Zers chose Snapchat or Instagram as their preferred platform, while only 9% preferred Facebook which is more popular among Millennials. Likewise, half of Gen Zers said they can’t “live without” YouTube.

A recent VidMob survey found that half of Gen Zers have increased their usage of YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram over the past year. Because of this, it is expected that Facebook (owner of Instagram) and Google will continue to hold their power on digital ads, making up 57.7 percent of the digital ad market. However, the figures also suggest that Snap, which has been struggling with slowing user growth, isn't down for the count just yet. (USA Today, 10.8.18)