U.S. Misses Out on Tourism Boom

New projections from UN World Tourism Organization shows the number of trips made by global travelers surged 7% last year, while trips to the U.S. fell by 4%. The decline, which follows a 2% drop in 2016, allowed Spain to overtake the U.S. as the second-most visited country in the world, while France continues to lead. According to CNN Money, industry experts said that two key factors were behind the decline in U.S. tourism: The strong dollar and controversial policies on immigration and travel introduced by President Trump's administration.

"After almost a decade and a half of relatively sustained post-9/11 recovery, since 2015 there's been evidence that the country has gotten complacent with the policies needed to support this vital economic engine and job creator," said Roger Dow, the U.S. Travel Association’s CEO. (CNN Money, 1.16.18)