Six Ways Travel Changed in 2017

While 2016 presented its own set of travel challenges, 2017 was particularly eventful when it came to how travelers visited the world.

·       From devastating hurricanes to California wildfires, Mother Nature rewrote the travel map. 

·       Airlines stooped to new lows and reached new highs. The year was marked with in-flight brawls, new ticket policies and some airlines upgrading to premium cabin configurations.

·       Cruising grew up (and got younger). Cruise companies made a major effort to attract new customers by going to exciting new destinations. Many also offered new tours and updated entertainment and dining concepts on board.

·       With breaking news reaching an all-time high, unplugging took on new importance. Travelers longed for mental well-being and holistic wellness.

·       “Enhanced security and screening” made for enormous new headaches at airports.

·       From Venice to Peru, the effects of over-tourism were felt around the world. Local governments confronted the fact that tourism is an important economic engine, but too much of it becomes destructive.

(The Detroit News, 12.28.17)