Millennials’ Favorite Brands

YouGov just released its annual list of millennials’ favorite brands. The brands’ scores are calculated by the percentage of U.S. millennials who are current customers—defined by if they have purchased the product or visited the web site within the past 30 days. YouTube, Facebook, Google, Amazon and Walmart scored the top five spots this year. But, it was Uber, Instagram and Lyft that saw the biggest improvement from last year’s scores. According to YouGov BrandIndex CEO Ted Marzilli, millennials aren’t that much different than older cohorts in that they value ethics, but price and convenience are most important.  “…For millennials, the most important thing is that the brand is relevant and resonates with any consumer group,” Marzilli said. “So if the brand doesn’t provide the value, it doesn’t matter.” (Adweek, 7.6.17)