An Answer to the Industry’s Digital Issues

It’s no secret many issues have been plaguing the digital advertising industry. Apart from structural issues, Keith Weed, Unilever CMCO, believes it’s time to improve ad quality. As the number of people blocking ads rises, marketers and advertisers need to get creative. “We need to flex our creative muscle to build brand communications that really resonate with people,” said Weed. And part of the quality improvement comes in the form of rethinking diversity. “We know that 40% of women say they do not identify at all with the women they see in ads,” he said. Not only is identifying unhelpful stereotypes morally and socially imperative, according to Weed there is also a clear business case: “Ads that are progressive in their portrayals of women are 12% more impactful.” (Marketing Week, 5.22.17)