Snapchat Gains Older Users

While young adults continue to drive Snapchat’s user base, nearly 8 million Snapchatters will be over the age of 45 in 2017. Just over 11% of the U.S. user base will be comprised of 45-54 year olds this year, and that figure is projected to jump to 13.3% by 2019. While some parents are using the app to check up on their kids, older users gravitate toward original content, including daily news coverage. “Appealing to older people is a good thing for a digital product aimed at the young if it helps boost the total number of users, as long as the thing doesn't develop a reputation as an app for Mom and Dad,” writes Bloomberg contributor Polly Mosendz. Just like Facebook, Snapchat will gradually broaden its appeal to a larger audience. (Bloomberg, 3.1.17)