Super Bowl Ad Winners

The Patriots won the big game, but who were the winners for Super Bowl ads? The top list depends on who you ask. USA Today crowned Kia’s “Hero’s Journey” as the most popular ad, based on online panelist votes in the annual Super Bowl Ad Meter. Honda’s “Yearbooks” and Audi’s “Daughter” ranked second and third. AdvertisingAge partnered with to measure the top ads by digital share of voice—giving weight to online views and tv/social impressions. According to their list, Netflix’s Stranger Things trailer for Season 2 was the big winner with more than 643 million social impressions, followed by Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way.” Mr. Clean’s “Cleaner of Your Dreams” rounded out the top three with just over two million earned online views. (AdvertisingAge, 2.6.17/USA Today, 2.6.17)