2017’s Biggest Brand Fails

Adweek recently compiled their top five list of this year’s biggest brand fails. At the top is Pepsi’s ad featuring Kendall Jenner which sparked immediate controversy. Another notable fail was Facebook’s “magical tour” of Puerto Rico’s hurricane damage using the company’s Facebook Spaces VR app. Adweek’s key takeaways from these missteps include considering context, not exploiting social issues and thinking about your ads from multiple perspectives. (Adweek, 12.12.17)

While many of these gaffes seem obvious, these are major brands with top talent—and all the backlash could have been avoided with simple ad testing. Is your brand launching new ads for 2018? Whether it’s a TV commercial, digital banner or even a coupon, ad testing can help ensure your content is effective. If you’re interested in learning more about affordable ad testing or other research options, give us a call at 417.877.7808 or contact us here.