TV Advertising Isn't Dead Yet

CMOs underscore TV’s place in the mix

As more and more people “cut the cord,” why do companies still advertise on TV? According to some CMOs, the marketing mix is key, and TV is a solid anchor. “TV, at least in the foreseeable future, is always going to have a place in big brands’ media mixes," said AT&T Mobility CMO David Christopher. More companies, like Visa, have shifted their advertising dollars away from scripted shows to live TV events like NFL games since they attract the most viewers. TV advertising also continues to provide clear measurements while digital can be unpredictable. According to Jennifer Betka, CMO of StubHub, TV remains a core component but is just one of the many ways to connect with your audience. As consumers become more savvy, marketing must strive to perfect their overall mix to reach their target audiences. (Forbes, 1.5.17)