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MTV and Red Peak Youth surveyed post-millenials to pick a new name for the generation: the founders.

Marketers are still searching for a label for those born after 2000. This group has been referred to as Generation Z, Gen 9/11, The Net generation and the Boomlet generation. However, a new research project by MTV and Red Peak Youth, which involved 1,000 U.S. individuals aged 14 and younger, asked them what label they wanted to choose for themselves. They chose “the founders.” This name highlights the propensity of this group to make sense of a society that millennials disrupted. They are craving stability. The types of messaging resonating with founders consists of powerful visuals and intimate customization. (Source: Marketing News Weekly, 12/7/15)


Periscope for marketers: five simple rules.

With marketers increasing their integration of Periscope into social media strategies, best practice concerns are on the rise. Periscope, the real-time video app, allows people to consume video content for up to 24 hours after the event. While the technology is nothing new, the simplicity and accessibility is revolutionary. Brands, large and small, can take advantage of creating live video content that has the ability to “humanize” any brand. Here are five general rules to remember if using Periscope: see if it’s good for your brand (audience fit), create short/concise exclusive and engaging content, be honest but professional, promote your account and measure your results. As with all social media, be sure to actively manage engagement. (Source: Marketing News, 1/1/16)


The most important marketing decision you can make.

Most mistakes in marketing can be corrected except brand names. A name takes commitment and, once chosen, there is no going back. When launching a new brand, first decide what the offering should stand for and then incorporate that idea into the name. While this seems obvious, many companies succumb to the allure of placing their company name as the descriptor of new offerings, e.g. Sony TV or Sony smartphone. When consumers think of the brand, they should think about what value it offers. Any name that captures the advantage of the product is best. This can also include visual images like color or shape. (Source: Ad Age, 12/22/15)


Top U.S. destinations on the rise for 2016, according to TripAdvisor.

The travel and review site, TripAdvisor, recently published its “travel hotspots on the rise” list for 2016. And, Gatlinburg, TN is number one. This Southern town, located in the Great Smoky Mountains, saw a 67% increase in booking over the past year. Visitors experience great food, year-round outdoor activities and scenery. Positive traveler feedback, interest in accommodations, restaurants, local attractions and other factors go into TripAdvisor’s algorithm that tracks yearly changes to destination interest levels. Other U.S. locations of note included Orange Beach, Alabama, Destin, Florida, South Lake Tahoe, California and Jackson, Wyoming. (Source:, 12/8/15)

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