Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall of your customers' homes? At H2R, we offer the facilities that enable you to listen in on what your customers are saying live and in person (or online of course). 



Our brick and mortar facility features live, closed circuit viewing for up to 8 observers, live streaming for remote observers and separate entrances for focus group participants and observers. Recordings of the focus groups are available as well as professional moderation and professional recruitment.

Click Here to learn more about the H2R Consumer Research Panel used for recruitment. 

H2R also offers refreshments and meals available for order if your hunger gets the best of you while watching your focus groups. 


And what about those people who don't live in Springfield, MO? Even though we think it's the best city on earth, we do realize there are other consumers out there who need their opinions heard! For this, H2R offers virtual facilities for online focus groups. All of the same professional moderation, recruitment and viewing options are available, with the advantage of viewing the groups from your comfy office chair (or couch at home). 

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